Pioneer Car Radio AVH 2450BT Review

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Are you planning for a car radio off late? Well, an auto radio is surely one of your besties while you are driving across the streets all alone and some nice tracks on the way are perfect to ensure a jolly ride. Car radios are also much needed when you are out on long car trips with the family- the energetic voice of the jockey and the musical ambience inside breaks the monotony of a prolonged journey. Now, there are a good lot of car radios in the market but if you are looking for suggestions the Pioneer AVH 2450BT can be the ideal choice for you. The article here presents a short review on the highly popular Pioneer release.


The AVH 2450BT has been widely acclaimed in the market both by the experts and the users. The new Pioneer model assures a stellar audio performance compounded by superb aesthetic quality. It’s an highly improved state of the art AVH receiver which has been incorporated with customized facilities to match up with the unique demands of users. You will be getting an in-dash dual DIN DVD AV Multimedia receiver that features a 5.8” widescreen. A Touch Display facility has been added on  with the receiver as well.

Then, the Pioneer AVH 2450BT comes with a cutting edge Bluetooth provision. The Bluetooth facility allows hands-free calling ensuring secured driving as well as wirefree audio streaming or control. Microphone is included within the radio package. Besides, you are getting a multi-language display. The advanced facility covers not only the Menu option yet the ID3 tag-text too in diverse languages. Another vital feature of the new Pioneer auto radio is its Auto EQ ability. The radio is designed to fine tune automatically all the frequency bandwidths & rear and front speakers.

Moreover, the car radio allows you to adjust the frequency phase & acoustic characteristics up till 15 steps. The adjustment is much needed as it results in a focused and clearer soundstage. LED Backlight display is another major characteristic feature of the Pioneer released AVH 2450BT car radio.

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Can Lowering Springs Affect A Cars Handling

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If you are a car owner then you must be aware of the term ‘car handling’. Handling basically means how your car responds to turns. Better handling will allow your car to go around turns and corners swiftly. Plus whenever you take a sudden turn, your car will not lose control. Car handling specially depends on the suspension system of your car. A car’s suspension includes car parts which fix the wheels of the car to the main body of the car and allows the wheel to move conveniently. However, a car’s suspension also depends on things like the car’s weight, tires and steering.


In order to improve your cars handling, you must utilize lowering springs. Once you install the lowering springs in your car, the car’s centre of gravity will be reduced. This in turn means that the steering response and handling of your car will be enhanced tremendously. Lowering springs also gives enigma and great style to your car. Along with that, fuel consumption levels are also lowered to a considerable extent. The car rides generally turn out to be more comfortable when lowering springs are installed because your car will respond more predictably and crisply to any of your inputs. If you want to get rid of the unnecessary body roll of your car then you should make it a point to install lowering springs.

A special material is utilized to make lowering springs and this material deflects less. Although the lowering springs are harder in comparison to stock springs, it gives you the opportunity of experiencing smooth car rides because it absorbs vibration and shocks effectively. Since the height of your car is lowered due to the installation of lowering springs, you are able to ride the car at higher speeds while maintaining the overall stability of your car. Therefore, you can very well understand that how the lowering springs will help you avoid accidents when you have to take a sudden turn or stop your car unexpectedly.

Always remember to purchase lowering springs which have a top-notch quality and are manufactured by some well-known company. Get the lowering springs installed by a professional only.

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Customized Rims – Latest Tips And Guides

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Are you on a plan for customized rims for your treasured wheels? Well, custom rims are getting really popular among many car owners given the increasing aspirations of a unique touch to stand out in the crowd. There are a wide variety of customized rims available in the market today but not everything out there would be adaptable for you. There are a variety of factors to consider before you go out to purchase your custom rims.


First of all, it must be mentioned that there are two sorts of custom rims available in the present market. These are chrome rims and aluminum rims. Chrome rims are the most sought after choice today replacing the aluminum counterparts by a great extent. The very impressive sheen and rust resistant capacities along with better durability have got chrome a better standpoint over aluminum rims in the industry. It’s good if you can afford the chrome rims – the only flip side here is the costly price tag associated with chrome rims. If you are looking for cheaper options, aluminum custom rims would be the aptmost for you. Aluminum rims cover a wide gamut of options like Low-pressure cast, gravity cast, spin-cast, semi-solid forged or forged and casted. Of all these, the spin-cast single piece aluminum custom rims are said to be the premium most options.

Apart from the choice of rims there are other factors to check out while you are looking for customized rims. It’s important that you consider your vehicle type before you settle down with the rim. Make sure that the rim you are going for will befit the car perfectly as otherwise it’s going to be a very disturbing experience.

Then, of course you must take into account the appearance of the chosen custom rim. The rim you are going for should blend well with the specific looks of your car- otherwise you are just going to end up with an awkward and undesirable styling. Finally, you have to research well to find out the most credible buyer for the custom rims.

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Custom Car Covers – An Overview

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Custom car covers are a much needed investment as you purchase a new car. It’s needless to remind that your car is certainly one of your most prized possessions and it’s only natural that you would try your best to safeguard it from the external hazards. Thus, comes the need for custom car covers. The custom car covers are not mere shields for vehicles extending to a more personalized attention for your steam. The article here is a brief highlighting on the significance of swearing by custom auto covers.


First of all, the custom car covers are meant to support the car with the usual protection facilities rendered by any regular car cover. This implies, that it would be able to guard up the car exterior and interior further from any terrible weather conditions- like hail storm, storm or torrential rain and moisture. Then, it would also serve as a fantastic protection from the harsh UV rays which are otherwise heinous for the car paint. What more, it would also safeguard the vehicle from the accidental scratches or dent that is common if the car is parked uncovered either in public or in your garage.

Custom car covers are excellent theft deterrents since thieves consider these specialized covers risky. It’s because some of the custom car covers come with lock facility which makes it really time consuming for the thief to open up and steal the car. Time is crucial for any burglar as he is always on the fear of getting caught.

Most importantly, you must know that the custom car covers are built keeping in mind the specific built, design and layout of the car. This is the point where a custom cover differs from regular covers. When you have a custom cover you are getting a shield covering exactly as per the lines of your vehicle. The precise fitment detail is necessary as loose fitting regular covers cannot offer the needed tight guard. Moreover, the loose covers allow the unwanted entry of moisture within that is hugely damaging for any vehicle.

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The Dirty Truth on aftermarket auto parts

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Do you need to replace your car parts with new one? Well, when it comes to car parts replacement the car owners are usually in a dilemma on whether to opt for the OEM parts or the aftermarket parts. Now, the expensive price tag carried by the OEM parts compel many to go for their inexpensive counterpart aftermarket parts – but does that really save your wallet. According to experts- “NO”. Why so? Read out the following post highlighting on the dirty truth on aftermarket car parts.


The first point to note here is that the aftermarket parts can mean a huge dent in your savings. Yes, the apparently cheap price tag might appear as huge savings for you but you cannot ever be sure regarding the longevity of the car part. In many cases car owners opting for the aftermarket car parts ended up with huge expenses on frequent repairs that cost them more than the OEM parts. Actually, with the aftermarket car parts you can never be sure with quality which is never the case with OEM parts. The OEM parts are directly from the vehicle maker and hence you can always be assured a proper fit and performance here.

Then, in most of the cases, the aftermarket car parts hardly carry a warranty. This denotes that in case you end up with a problem in the aftermarket part shortly after installing it you have to fork out extra bucks for its repair. On the other hand, the OEM parts come along with a proper warranty assurance where you won’t have to shell out any extra penny in case you find a problem in the part within a brief span of its installation.

Now, it does not depict that all aftermarket car dealers are bad. But as there are so many of them that it takes a heck lot of time to fish out the most credible one from them. Time is a precious thing in today’s hectic world where you want everything ASAP and you really can’t wait long for a quality research for the right aftermarket parts dealer.

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Invest in the Best Performance Shocks with MKM Customs

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The right performance shocks protect a truck and make it easier and more enjoyable to drive. MKM Customs has high quality shock products for anyone with a 2001-2010 truck model. Individuals and mechanics can find everything they need here. Not all trucks are the same. Experts with MKM Customs can help people find the right shocks for every truck. High quality shock systems truly improve a person’s driving experience.

High Quality Products from the Best Manufacturers

MKM Customs only has the very best products from a wide range of manufacturers. People can find everything from a Sinister Chevy Center Link to Dirt Logic Shock options, among more. Different products have different look sand performance expectations. The point, of course, is to limit the amount of shock a truck has to face off road or on the highway.

Shocks Provide a Smooth Off Roading Experience

When people invest in the best performance shocks, they protect the life span of their vehicle. This is important for anyone who hunts or enjoys off roading with their truck. For example, if someone invests in a six-inch option, then the shock is absorbed throughout the system so that impact is evenly distributed. Drivers will not have to worry about damaging their truck or about a bumpy ride.

Performance Shocks Offer Smooth Rides on Highways

With the dirt logic shocks, drivers will have a smooth experience on the highway. This makes commutes to work or long road trips more enjoyable. When consumers invest in the right performance shocks, their truck feels like a dream to drive. This protects the vehicle and it ensures people can experience a smooth ride no matter where they are.

MKM Customs understands that trucks differ in make, model, and style. This is why the company offers a range of performance shocks and systems to satisfy a wide array of customers’ needs. The right equipment and products make all the difference for truck drivers. Working with MKM Customs experts ensures that drivers have everything they need to protect their trucks and perfect their driving experience.

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Australia Prepares for Job Loss amid Announcement of Auto Plant Closures

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Toyota Motor Corp announced on February 10 that it plans to close all of its Australian manufacturing facilities by 2017. As a result, 2,500 workers in the Australian workforce will be forced to seek new employment, presumably in an entirely different industry as Toyota is the last of three major car manufacturers to pull out of the country. Due to a political and economic climate deemed unfavorable by car manufacturers, including a drop in tariffs and a recent surge in the Australian dollar, the automobile manufacturing industry in Australia has been set on a course to total dissolution.

The Last of Three

Last year, both Ford Motor Company [source] and General Motors Company [source] also announced intentions to dissolve their Australian manufacturing facilities, with respective deadlines of 2016 and 2017. Analysts point out that Toyota, which was the last remaining manufacturer in the country, was expected to make the move as well. Although Ford and GM’s decisions to leave Australia are set to put a significant strain the country’s economy, the absence of Toyota, which constitutes the country’s largest automobile manufacturing presence, comes as an even stronger blow to Australia’s prosperity.

1Toyota Camry Hybrid manufactured in Australian plant

Unseen Consequences

During Australia’s time as a fixture in the global automobile industry, it has cultivated an entire sub-sector related to car production within its borders.

Economic analysts warn of a ripple effect into this sector, which is made up of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), causing further unemployment and industry stagnation. With no local industry to supply, Australian OEMs are likely to lose out to competitors in China and other nations with lower manufacturing costs.

The End of an Industry

The Australian car industry has a long legacy, dating back as far as 1901. The first notable instance of automobile manufacture in the country was in 1925, when Ford formed a plant in Southern Australia in order to produce the Model T. However, with the exit of Toyota, it appears that the Australian auto industry is now permanently defunct.

Automotive industry experts are viewing Toyota’s decision as part of a global restructuring process for the industry as a whole. As Australia’s government and economy have changed over the past decade, car manufacturers have found themselves working with an increasingly costly workforce in a country providing very few manufacturing incentives.

“We did everything that we could to transform our business, but the reality is that there are too many factors beyond our control that make it unviable to build cars in Australia,” said Toyota Australia President and CEO, Max Yasuda. “Although the company has made profits in the past, our manufacturing operations have continued to be loss making despite our best efforts.”

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) is calling on the government to remove or phase out the luxury car tax and 5% tariff on imported vehicles. These taxes were enacted to protect the local economy and car industry, but with Toyota, Ford and GM pulling out of Australia this is no longer a concern. AAA chief executive Andrew McKellar said, “The removal of tariffs could save the average new car buyer between one and two thousand dollars on the cost of a vehicle.”

Luxury car taxes apply to any vehicle less than 2 years old that is worth $60,316 and their fuel consumption exceeds seven liters per 100km. If the luxury car is fuel-efficient, then the luxury car tax only applies to cars worth $75,375 or more. A prime example of a fuel-efficient car would be the LaFerrari or Lamborghinni’s new car – the Huracán LP 610-4.

The 5% tariff on imported vehicles applies to any vehicle not made in Australia. After 2017 brings the auto industry’s inevitable doom and cars from this era bite the dust, that is going to translate to every vehicle purchase being subject to this tariff.

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How to Buy a Family Car

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If you have a family, there are a lot of options you can choose for your drives – station wagons, minivans that are equipped specifically for families, having DVD player and plenty of place for keeping things in the car, and other passenger cars that have special clips on seats that help load children with a lot more comfort. Depending on your family, you may have different needs when it comes to buying a car – most concentrate on safety issues, while for a family with several kids the size of the car would be more important. The crucial thing you should do when searching the car is taking into consideration all the points like your family’s budget, lifestyle and driving style.

Set a budget. Decide how much you can spend on a car, and take into consideration the down payment as well, and not only the total price of the car.

Decide between new and used car. Most dealerships are ready to offer you both options, and you can choose either of them depending on numerous factors. Thus, when choosing a used car, ask about its accident history and previous owner, and make sure the mileage is low.

Check out the safety features. When choosing the safe car for family drives, rely upon the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 5-star rating. This includes all the cars available today. Look for the car crash tests as well – the more stars it has, the safer it would be.

Get the car of appropriate size. If you have a big family, consider purchasing SUV or a minivan, and if you are planning a long trip, you may even think of station wagon. But in case your family is small, you don’t have to get the car that would be too big – a passenger sedan would work just well. If there is a chance that you would be driving adults, make sure there is enough leg room in the back.

Take into consideration cleaning and maintenance. You know that children can make a huge mess in the back seat. Thus, keep in mind that leather is easier to clean, and the darker the material on the seats is, the less stains are showing.

Decide who is going to drive the car. If you are planning to share the car with your spouse or teenage children, make sure you get a car that will be suitable for everyone. If there would be small children in the car that has side airbags, make sure they don’t sit close to the doors.

Look up for ratings and reviews. Research for car magazines and consumer reports on the Internet or in printed resources, and look through the ratings that include all the information about different models. Make sure the car you consider buying is suitable for a family. The car should as well contain all the options you might need in future.

For more options look at the car at lowest prices in London.

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Is Bad Credit Car Financing an Option?

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If you have a bad credit rating then you are not alone. Sadly we’re in a current economic crisis, which means that many of us are in some of the worst financial situations of our lives. As we have such a bad credit rating many of us assume that when it comes to borrowing money and/or buying items on finance we assume that we’re going to be turned out. Whilst this is true for many of the high street lenders and retailers there are options. You just need to make sure that you research into all of the options and look up what is best for you.

Finding Bad Credit Car Financing

If you want to buy a car on finance and have a bad credit rating then you’ll need to look into all of your options. Of course a quick search on Google can help you to discover what your options are and the best route for you. When you do search on Google for ‘bad credit car financing’ you’ll also discover a number of car companies that offer car finance to people in dire financial straits. You should make sure you check out all of the terms and conditions of the finance agreement before you sign up in order to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting into before you sign up. Most companies will have details of their agreement listed on their website for customers to read through.

How It Works

The way it works will depend very much on the car finance company that you choose to go with. When you work your way through the companies given to you by Google, you’ll be able to look at all of the different ways they work and choose the company that is best suited to your needs. Some of them will need some sort of security in order to give you a loan, but this is something that  you can look into when the time comes. You should also bear in mind that that while you are paying the finance the car is not yours and if you do not keep up payments on it then you could find that they take the car back off of you.

Responsible Lending

If you have a bad credit rating then the chances are that you have borrowed money that you can’t afford to pay back before. Just because a bad credit car financing company offers to help you out, that doesn’t mean that you should jump at the chance. If you do not keep up payments on the car then you could find that you do even further damage to your credit rating and of course, this is something that you’ll want to avoid. Before you take out any new loan or finance agreement you need sit down and think about what you can honestly afford to pay back and make sure you only borrow money if you know that you are going to be able to keep up repayments.

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Save Your Small Business from Unexpected Financial Crises with Cash for Car Titles

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Small business owners can benefit from getting cash for car titles, not only as an alternative source of extra funds, but also as an emergency financial lifesaver.

The first few years of a startup or small business is a turbulent experience as the usual structure seen in most established companies have not been set up. Finances, in particular, may even be on a trial and error process – a very risky yet inescapable fact of life for such companies. As such, it is expected that some financial trials will be encountered.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs must be prepared for instances such as:

Emergency Medical Expenses

A medical emergency is something that no one can really foresee, regardless of how careful one is about their health.  Some medical conditions or complications may suddenly arise, and treatment may require a staggering amount. Whether this happens to you or a loved one, funds will have to be spent on this, instead of the business, and can negatively affect your monthly financial projections and capabilities.

Unaccounted Expenditures 

Not all small business owners and entrepreneurs are skilled bookkeepers. Thus, every transaction may not necessarily be kept track of. This is a very real situation for many credit card holders today, as stores, shops, and services make it immensely easy to shop and charge their expenses to their credit.  On top of this, many also have a habit of getting more than one credit card, even when they are barely able to responsibly use and pay for one credit line. This can be especially financially crippling since businesses will have to spend on office space, payroll, and other business-related expenses.

Disasters and Accidents

Just like medical emergencies, no one can really foretell when it would be prudent to start saving money to help cover damages from disasters or accidents. Insurance companies are not always able to cover the complete expense needed in an accident, particularly if there happens to be loss of life involved, and the accompanying payment for damages magnified by a lawsuit later on.

Keep your company afloat by funding these instances with cash for car titles.

Learn how to use your car title for cash.

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Logbook Loans Are Right for Some People

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There is a great deal of controversy about logbook loans.  They have been vilified in the press, especially since the financial crisis, when many people saw no other way to get needed funds.  In addition, some writers have likened them to money from loan sharks since the interest rates can be as high as 500% or more.

Compare that figure to the rate you might get from a bank loan, which is usually below 10%, or the rate you might pay on a credit card, which is usually less than 30%.  Rates that are in multiples of 100% mean that the total amount that you pay will be several times the amount lent to you.  While such amounts are typical for a 30-year home loan, they are atypical for a 12 to 18 month repayment period.

The relevant question then is, “Logbook loans, are they right for you?”  In order to answer that question, you need to be able to calculate your monthly payment if you take one and forecast whether you can make such a payment for up to 18 months.  If your situation is one in which the loan funds will serve as a bridge loan until money comes to you from another source, a logbook loan may work.

For example, you own your car with no other outstanding loans and you suddenly find a hole in the roof of your house.  You have no way to pay for the repair, but know that you will receive a bonus at work at the end of the year.  So, you take out a logbook loan of £2000.  The interest rate is such that your monthly payments will be around £780 a month, but you know that in 5 months, you will get a £5000 bonus at work.  So, you take the loan and use your bonus to close it out some months later.  Your roof is fixed and you have no other outstanding payments.

Logbook loans can be the answer for some people.

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